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Arbor Grove Announcements
Special Committee established
Posted on Oct 17th
There has been a lot of discussion regarding the weeds in Arbor Grove this year.  Our Landscaping committee has worked diligently to remedy as much as possible and has taken steps to improve our preventative measures for next year. 
There are also concerns regarding the impact of the weeds that border Arbor Grove to the West have on all of Arbor Grove.   The considerations of those impacts include the issues the weeds may cause our residents, the water drainage from the west side of our property to the pond, and the benefits of tall grass barriers for some properties.
To address this issue, we will convene a special committee to make recommendations to reduce these issues.  Steve Husak has agreed to chair this committee.  He can be contacted at 815-592-5405.
Annual Meeting Comments
Posted on Oct 5th
At our annual meeting this week, an election was held for a proposed change to the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions regarding the smoking of marijuana.  The proposal passed, which essentially allows residents to smoke cannabis only within their actual unit’s confines.  It does not allow smoking in the common areas (clubhouse, mailboxes, etc.), nor does it allow smoking in the limited common areas (patios, porches and sidewalks, driveways, etc.) or within any garage area.  Please note that this change only applies to the smoking of cannabis as you are free to consume by other means (brownies, gummies, CBD oil, etc.).
We also had an election for 3 positions on the board.  Those elected were:  Sandi Frenzke, Steve Husak, & Rosemary Wieliczko.  I want to welcome Steve Husak to the board and the many attributes he offers.
Finally, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Alice Argyelan for her service to the board these past years.  Her knowledge, talents, and dedication were invaluable to our efforts.  Whatever issues we had to deal with, Alice was usually the first to volunteer to do whatever necessary to accomplish our goals. Her efforts on behalf of Arbor Grove will be missed.
The minutes of the meeting are available in the document section of the website. 
Wayne Helgeson
Arbor Grove Board
Speeding Vehicles
Posted on Oct 2nd
At our annual meeting, there were several comments regarding vehicles speeding within Arbor Grove.  It was also noted that there had been numerous instances where people are not stopping at the stop sign coming off Jone's drive into Arbor Grove.  We do have many seniors in our neighborhood that either walk or ride bicycles around the circle.  There have been several instances where walkers and cyclists have nearly been hit by cars traveling too fast or not paying attention. 
We also remind cyclists to be careful about riding in the middle of the road and mindful of high traffic times within Arbor Grove.   
We are asking everyone to please drive with caution and share this advice with relatives, caretakers, and friends who come to visit.  Your cooperation will not only be appreciated but could actually avoid accidents.
Thank you- Your Board of Directors
NEW Financials and Updated Reserve Study available now
Posted on Sep 28th
The Sept Financials, the balance sheet, P&L comparison, and the budget vs actual spent to date are available on the Committees page by clicking the Finance Committee.  You can view the previous documents at the same location.   Also, the 2020 updated Reserve Study snapshot is available for your viewing on the Finance Committee page or by clicking here. The snapshot shows planned expenses from reserves up to 2034. 
You will need to log in to view these documents.  If you have any trouble logging on please contact me. 

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Beautiful Autumn Sunset (New)
By Rosemary Wieliczko on October 28, 2020
Big Thanks to Brian Thomas for this sunset picture of our Arbor Grove sign.

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