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Arbor Grove Announcements
Update on COVID 19 vaccinations for Arbor Grove
Posted on Jan 16th
Osco Pharmacy confirmed that they would be able to give the vaccine shots here at the clubhouse for our residents.  I have provided Osco with the number of residents who desire the vaccinations (approximately 90), and they can now place an order for the vaccine doses we will need.  Initially, I was told that we would receive the Pfizer vaccine, but today was informed, we will receive the Moderna vaccine.  I can also confirm that Osco will order the necessary doses of the vaccine for our second shot to be given approximately 30 days after the first.  Osco said they would contact me at the beginning of next week to confirm an actual date for us.  Today, the governor stated that Illinois could proceed to phase 2 of vaccines beginning on January 25th.  We are going to attempt to get ours as close to the 25th as possible. 
Once we have an actual date, I will send out another email letting everyone know the details and when each of you should come to the clubhouse (we don’t want too many at once).  If possible, you should bring with you a copy of your driver’s license and a copy of your Medicare or insurance card(s).  I will make arrangements to have a copy machine on site, but it would be easier and faster if you already have a copy.  Several residents have inquired if there will be emergency supplies on hand (like epi-pens) – yes, Osco will have such supplies on hand.  Each resident will need to remain at the clubhouse for a short period for observation once you had had your shot.
I know that we are all anxious to get the vaccines and start the road back to normalcy, so stay tuned and keep an eye on your email for coming updates.
In the meantime, – Stay Safe!   Wayne Helgeson
Proof of insurance for owners with mortgages
Posted on Jan 10th
Arbor Grove's commercial insurance policy is now with Country Financial effective December 5, 2020. If you have a mortgage on your home, please contact Jeff Spry, our Country Financial agent, to send proof of Arbor Grove's insurance to the financial institution that has your mortgage.  The name and address of your financial institution will be necessary to complete this task.     Jeff can be reached by email at jeffrey.spry@countryfinancial.com or his Bourbonnais office 815-523-9207.
UPDATED - December Financial Reports, Reserve Study and Board Minutes Available
Posted on Dec 18th
You can find December's Financial Reports, including the budget to actual, profit and loss statement and balance sheets on the Committees page by clicking on the Finance Committee.   
The recently UPDATED Reserve Study is also available on the same Finance Committee page. You will need to log in to view all documents. 
Also, the minutes of the December 15th Board meeting have been posted. You can find them under the Document tab or click here. If you have any trouble logging on, please email me for assistance.
Snow Removal for Arbor Grove
Posted on Dec 17th
With the advent of today’s snow, it is time to remind everyone that parking of cars in the turn-arounds is not allowed.  It becomes necessary to strictly enforce this covenant during the winter months as that is the location where we push the snow from the driveways.  Our plowing contractor is tasked to clear the main drive by pushing the snow straight back through the turn-around.  We are asking all residents to be considerate of this necessity and be in compliance.  If there are vehicles in the turn-around, it may become necessary to have the vehicle towed as we only have limited options for the snow.  As always, we have contracted to have snow removed from both your driveways and your sidewalks.
If you have any issues with snow, please call: 
Diedra Richards @ 815-685-4955 or Lois Ware @ 815-922-0285   

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