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Arbor Grove Announcements
Officers Elected at Annual Meeting
Posted on Oct 15th
Wayne Helgeson and Dianne Schaafsma were re-elected to the open positions on the Arbor Grove Board of Directors. The Board positions for 2022 are as follows. 
Wayne Helgeson, President
Sandi Frenzke, Vice-President
Dianne Schaafsma, Treasurer
Rosemary Wieliczko, Secretary
Steve Husak, Member-At-Large
Financial reports from the meeting have been posted to the website. Click here to review the reports from the meeting.
Status of irrigation in Arbor Grove
Posted on Oct 5th
I am sure that you have noticed that irrigation here in Arbor Grove has been spotty at best this season. I just want to assure everyone that this situation is not reflective of our current contractor, rather his having to deal with the misfortunes of the previous contractor.
The original contractor who set up and began the installation of our irrigation system cut a lot of corners and ultimately went out of business. Our current contractor (Craig's Landscaping) took over the project and has been dealing with deficiencies from the very beginning.
The main issue is that our system was installed as a modular "plug and play" system. It was set up to exit the clubhouse via a 2" supply line and circumnavigate the property, branching off to the various control boxes. This entire system relies on one cable that supplies electrical impulses to all the various locations. The system was never designed to service an area quite the size of Arbor Grove, but once it was installed, the only solution would be to dig it up and start over again! This solution is not even a consideration as it would be cost-prohibitive.
We have "limped" along with the system and have had it working at an acceptable lever for several years. Still, now we've run into another serious problem with the system as the original contractor did not "seal" the electrical connections. You've no doubt noted that there are control boxes throughout the property and inside these boxes are solenoids, valves, and a myriad of wiring. Craig's crews have been redoing the wiring in the control boxes as they become issues, but now we are experiencing a cascading effect as all the connections are succumbing to the elements. To add to the problem, Craig also finds electrical wires spliced outside of the control boxes and simply twisted together, secured with wire nuts and/or electrical tape, then left buried in the ground.
Our proposed solution is to have Craig's crew on-site over two days to visit every control box, upgrade connections, and seal them according to code (apply gel and heat seal the joint). They will also have to use a tracking device, locate every junction in the cable that is not in a control box, dig it up, and seal it according to code. This action may not take place until we are blowing out the system for winter.

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