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Arbor Grove Announcements
Snow Removal, Mowing and Chemical services
Posted on Nov 25th
An Ad Hoc landscape committee led the rebidding of Arbor Grove's snow removal, mowing, and chemical services.  Multiple companies provided bids for these services.  The mowing contract was awarded to Scenic Landscaping LLC for year 2021.  Scenic will sublet the chemical applications to ALM, a company that specializes in fertilization and weed control.  The new mowing contract cost is within the approved Arbor Grove 2021 budget. 
The snow removal contract was awarded to Logan's Lawn Care Inc.
Continued Thanks to our Landscaping Committee for their work to secure these essential services for Arbor Grove. We are grateful for their work on behalf of our community. 
Commercial Insurance Rebid Project
Posted on Nov 21st
Earlier in the year, the Board decided we needed to investigate Arbor Grove's Commercial insurance policy to ensure we had correct coverage at the best price.  Sandra Frenzke led a rebidding project.
This project's timing was spot on as our current Traveler's insurance company changed deductibles and how claims are paid that negatively affected Arbor Grove. Traveler's significant increase in premium was also announced by making it necessary to secure bids and coverage from another insurance company.
Multiple companies submitted bids with presentations made to the Board by five companies.
The Board is pleased to announce that effective Dec. 5, 2020, the Arbor Grove commercial insurance policy will be through Country Financial, an A+  AM Best rated company for the past 75 years.  The cost of this policy is within the approved Arbor Grove 2021 budget.
The Country Financial policy has the standard components of a commercial policy and will include earthquake coverage.  Our Country Financial Agent, Jeff Spry, has 15+ years of experience in commercial insurance.  Jeff is a local agent with his office in Bourbonnais.
The Board would like to thank Sandra for her time and effort in securing an improved policy while saving money for Arbor Grove.
New Ballot Box - Thank you to Greg Rorabaugh
Posted on Nov 4th
Ballot BoxThe Board would like to extend a big Thanks to our neighbor, Greg Rorabaugh for his beautiful work in building our official ballot box. Several members had expressed they wanted a larger ballot box. The Board heard your concerns and Greg graciously offered to build it for us. 
Special Committee established
Posted on Oct 17th
There has been a lot of discussion regarding the weeds in Arbor Grove this year.  Our Landscaping committee has worked diligently to remedy as much as possible and has taken steps to improve our preventative measures for next year. 
There are also concerns regarding the impact of the weeds that border Arbor Grove to the West have on all of Arbor Grove.   The considerations of those impacts include the issues the weeds may cause our residents, the water drainage from the west side of our property to the pond, and the benefits of tall grass barriers for some properties.
To address this issue, we will convene a special committee to make recommendations to reduce these issues.  Steve Husak has agreed to chair this committee.  He can be contacted at 815-592-5405.

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Resident Announcements
Dog Loving Dog Walkers
By Lynn and Glen Barmann on November 21, 2020
With weather changing and winter approaching, we would like to offer Arbor Grove residents our "free" assistance in walking your dog.
If we can help, please contact us via land phone 815-939-2930. Leave a message if we do not answer. We will return your call as soon as possible.
Glen and Lynn Barmann
Harvest Days
By Marlene Ganci on November 9, 2020
A huge THANK You for your generosity for our first harvest day collection! As you can see the back of the truck we were able to help the food pantry tremendously. We even had food behind the seat. We are all so lucky to have each other here at AG.
Water new Plantings
By Sandra Frenzke on November 4, 2020
Fellow members of Arbor Grove.
We recently planted some new trees, plants, and shrubs. As it hasn't rained recently, we want to remind all owners that if you have received any plantings of trees or bushes, you will need to water them regularly until we receive measurable rain.

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