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Putting our best foot forward is essential as you work with prospective home buyers to Arbor Grove. We hope having the most current documents accessible for you makes your job just a little easier. The documents required for a purchaser’s review can be found and printed by clicking on the links below. Required documents can be sent to Arbor Grove HOA, 709 Arbor Parkway, Bourbonnais, IL 60914. 

Covenants and conveyances


Community Guidelines

Use of Arbor Grove Amenities


Reminders ( printed copy)

Frequently, first-time condo/homeowner association buyers are unfamiliar with the concept of this type of planned community living in its limitations compared to single-family ownership. To limit surprises, we have developed a list of general reminders.  All of us at Arbor Grove recommend prospective buyers take time to read the covenants and conveyances and bylaws for Arbor Grove Townhome Association.


  1. A copy of the fully executed purchase agreement is due to the association within five days after the principal party’s acceptance.
  2. The purchaser must submit five days before closing evidence of an insurance policy, declaring personal liability insurance in a minimum amount of $500,000 and coverage on any fixtures, decorating, painting, wall and floor coverings, trim, appliances, equipment, and other furnishings improvements in and to his/her Unit, including patios.  In addition, the insurance policy must list Arbor Grove HOA as additional insured.  If you have questions regarding insurance please call Sandra Frenzke at 815-592-3128  
  3. A non-refundable assessment charge equal to 2 months HOA fees is payable to the association at unit closing.
  4. Pets are defined as a domesticated dog of less than 40 pounds, a cat of less than 25 pounds, birds or aquarium fish. No more than two pets per unit with an exception for aquarium fish.
  5. No changes, alterations, or additions of any kind can be made to any unit exterior, including landscaping, without prior board approval.
  6. No commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats, and or trailers shall be parked or stored on any portion of the property other than in the garage.
  7. Each unit is for owner-occupied residential use only and may not be purchased for rental purposes.
  8. The use of any type of reverse mortgage product is strongly discouraged.