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Show Me the Money! Or, better yet……
What does the Finance Committee do for an HOA?
First off, Arbor Grove Homeowners Association has an incredible group of folks who comprise The Finance Committee. The finance committee assists the association board, particularly the HOA treasurer, in myriad ways. They are our quiet heroes who function all year long with little glitz or glamour. So, let’s take a quick look at what the Finance Committee does. 
1. Prepare the Annual Budget 
Preparing the annual budget is one of the significant tasks of Arbor Grove’s finance committee. Creating a line-by-line breakdown of expenses and revenue is a tedious and time-consuming task. 
2. Review and update the Reserves
As part of the Annual Budget process, the Reserve Plan is updated to ensure monies are available when needed for major repairs and replacements, as well as unexpected expenses or emergencies. It's similar to a savings account; the funds will only be used when there is a need for them.
3. Create Financial Reports
Under the direction of Dianne, Marlene Ganci performs the day-to-day bookkeeping needed to keep track of all the money coming in and out of our accounts. They monitor bank reconciliations to ensure everything is in order and that funds are available to pay bills and keep funds invested. Maintaining financial records to create realistic budgets and file accurate tax returns is essential. 
4. Recommends the Budget and Fee increases to the Board
While the committee oversees the finances, they do not have the authority to make financial decisions on behalf of the HOA. They review and recommend the relevant information. The board will make decisions for the association on whether to increase HOA fees to cover expenses or limit spending. Those who attended the last board meeting were on hand as the budget was reviewed and discussed. Every resident will have an opportunity to review the budget prior to it being finalized at the September Annual Arbor Grove Meeting.
We are lucky to have Arbor Grove Finance Committee led by co-chairpersons Dianne Schaafsma, a Certified Public Accountant, and Rosemary Wieliczko, who has had an extensive career in banking. Both co-chairs have solid financial backgrounds. The remaining committee members come with a variety of business experiences and have a keen pulse on all things financial.
The Finance Full Committee includes:
Dianne Schaafsma & Rosemary Wieliczko
Fellow Committee Members
Jack Dorn
Sandi Frenzke
Marlene Ganci
Roy Quanstrom
Sharon Schiller
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“The time to repair a roof is when the sun is shining.” John F. Kennedy
It may seem redundant, but the Maintenance Committee is another example of the exemplary talent and volunteer spirit we have here at Arbor Grove.
We have been incredibly lucky to have so many talented folks over the years with the knowledge and skill sets to assist Arbor Grove with projects and, oftentimes, save us all money when we don’t have to hire contractors.  Can’t imagine the amount of funds we have saved by volunteering at the Pool by Barry Gadbois and Garry Goselin.  Yikes! Time and again, they step up to the plate. Rich Allers, along with Scott Stevenson, co-chair this committee.
Even in instances where a professional needs to be hired, this fine committee has the knowledge to ensure the work is necessary, priced right, and completed in a proper manner.  Maintenance Committee members have even gone above and beyond to help repair or lend advice for a problem within the interior of a home, which is totally outside their responsibility. They’re just good neighbors.
Whether it is getting concrete work done, roofs replaced/repaired, taking care of the pond and fountain, and now, overseeing the rebuild of the 707 Unit, they’re on it.
Along with co-chairs Rich and Scott, the team is made up of Rick Balthazor, Joe Donovan, Sandi Frenzki, Gary Goselin, Jack Dorn, Terry Schaafsma, John Wieliczko, Barry Gadbois, and their very newest member and Arbor Grove resident, Mike Magruder.  Mike has already been instrumental in working with pool/hot tub issues.
Have an issue? Don’t call or text; go right to this website, click on the Committees tab, then click on Maintenance/Pool/Pond. This takes you to the page where the form resides so you can report your issue to be addressed by the maintenance committee. Not only is it the fastest way to get the committee involved, but the website also automatically sends your information to the appropriate person to address the issue and get it resolved as soon as feasibly possible.
Using the website to complete the request also tracks the issue so we have documentation and can study various inputs to determine where future issues may occur; for example, Information on the website identified that we had one of our units had significantly more issues with shingles blowing off than all others.  It turns out that the unit was constructed during the winter months, and apparently, shingles applied during cold weather don’t stick as well as those applied during the warmer months.
The maintenance committee also functions as the architectural committee. Any projects residents wish to address outside their units are subject to the committee’s approval.  Some common requests include installing or expanding a patio, putting up (or taking down) a fence, installing a generator, painting your door, installing a storm door, etc.  These issues all require approval from the committee.  Reasons for this include:
  • General aesthetics – to ensure that all units maintain a level of conformity that maintains the standard of the community.
  • To confirm licensed and bonded contractors do all upgrades.  This is to ensure that proper materials and methods are used.  This also protects Arbor Grove from potential liability issues due to sub-standard workmanship.

Hopefully, few of us need to report an issue to the Maintenance/Pool/Pond Committee, but if we do, it is an easy process. Best of all, you can trust this fine group to do whatever they can to rectify an issue or address a concern. 
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A Neighborhood Is Much More Than Having a House Next Door!
Thanks, Social Committee!
When someone has a good idea and runs with it, wow, what can be accomplished.
That good idea, the creation of Arbor Grove Social Committee, stems from the team of Judy Oosterhoff and Judy Balthazor, our very first Social Committee Co-Chairs.
According to Judy O, the inaugural Social Committee “Was FABULOUS.”  The initial group of members agreed that the top priority was to survey every Arbor Grove resident to find out what concerns they had and what activities they might enjoy. Remember, Arbor Grove is about the lifestyle!
The original surveys had somewhat surprising results.  The first concern was Fire Safety, Medical Safety, and Personal Safety. Hearing those concerns, Judy O met with BFPD Fire Chief. Chief St. Louis came to Arbor grove and made an informational presentation to a standing-only crowded clubhouse. Chief presented information on fires, fire safety, smoke alarms, and the ‘Knox Box’ Program. That’s when they developed a schedule for the fire department to make rounds in the Fall to those folks wanting batteries changed in their smoke alarms and annual dryer vent cleaning. Folks started signing up for the Knox Box program as well as the File of Life program.  Over 60 magnetic documentation files were distributed. More are still available in the Clubhouse! Thankfully, Linda Klette continues to organize these activities.
The next top category was a ‘Welcoming’ Sub-Committee to welcome new residents moving to Arbor Grove. New neighbors benefited not only from a friendly face but a great packet of information about Arbor Grove as well as our local government, educational, library, and park districts. This sub-committee is still in place today and, as many now know, an extremely important component in enhancing the quality of life in our neighborhood.
Now, to the more social aspects (The fun, yes, the fun!).  Initially, the regular Social Committee activities involved the monthly Movie Night, Friday Night Happy Hours, Golf Outing, Garden/Patio Walking tour, and a Christmas Get-together (Now our Annual Tree-Trimming Party/Happy Hour and Secret Santa.
As we now know – Arbor Grove Social Committee, now led by Judy Balthazor and Karen Denoyer, took the reins and marched forward, creating an incredible array of fun activities.  Judy, Karen, and the Committee Members are creative, full of fun ideas, and open to suggestions for new events for all to enjoy.
What many may not know is that this very important committee costs the homeowner’s association, not one penny!  Neighbors who choose to attend events and take part make donations to support the committee in creating opportunities for events and enhancing the fun!
Just think, this committee has added a spectacular array of events in a few short years.  We think you’ll be impressed and have fond memories of good times as you review the list below.  Oh, and don’t forget, there are pictures of many of these events on the website.  Look at the fun!
Large Events:             Kentucky Derby
                                 Summer Poolside Brunch
                                 Mocktails and Cocktails (New!)
                                 Patriotic Day
                                 Chili Cook-off
                                 Italian Night
                                 Wine Tasting
                                 Ladies of Arbor Grove Craft Fair
                                 Christmas Tree Decorating/Secret Santa
Pop-Ups                     Bingo with Bernie
                                 Trivia with Jean Henley
                                 Bean Bags
                                 Garden Walk
                                 Movie Night
                                 Book Club (typically the last Thursday of the month)
Weekly                       Monday Mahjong
                                 Tuesday Coffee
                                 Wednesday Lunch (rotating at local restaurants)
                                 Thursday Game Night
                                 Thursday Men’s Breakfast (Summer months at local restaurants)
WHEW!  There’s always something going on in Arbor Grove.  Thanks to everyone involved in the Social Committee – You make our little world in the Grove a better place to live.
Social Committee Members
Judy Balthazor Co-Chair
Karen Denoyer Co-Chair
Rosemary Wieliczko, Board Liaison
Cathy Allers
Eileen Boudreau
Mary Donovan
Jean Fons
Linda Klette
Elaine Luedtke
Dominick Randazzo
Jan Krizik-Schmidt
Donna Scott
Vicki Stevenson
Judy Wesolowski
Now, let’s get social with the social committee.
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November's article will feature our amazing Social Committee!