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Posted on March 27, 2023 6:00 AM by Lois Ware and Diedra Richards
Keepin’ it Real – Real Green That Is
From almost the exact moment Arbor Grove Homeowner’s Association was formed, neighbors stepped up to volunteer to help ensure our 22-acre community and the land surrounding our buildings are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing.  The goal is healthy lawns, plants, shrubs, and trees – resulting in good curb appeal.
The original Landscaping Chairpersons were Sandy Davis and Lois Ware.  These two Master Gardeners rolled up their sleeves, pulled out their shovels, and wheelbarrows, and did an amazing job with a variety of neighbors volunteering here and there, including Wayne Tholen, who offered sage advice.
Over the years, our subdivision was completely built out with so much more to take care of and address. As we did grow, more and more neighbors jumped on board to become a part of this active community, which to this very day, invites all members of our community to join in helping to keep our community in tip-top shape.  Just recently, the committee welcomed Lana Berns, who supplied her own green wagon!
Lois, and Co-Chair Diedra Richards, also a Master Gardener, lead this committee.  Members are:
                                                                    Cathy Allers
                                                                    Alice Argyelan
                                                                    Larry Beeman
                                                                    Lana Berns
                                                                    Gary Denoyer
                                                                    Sandi Frenzke
                                                                    Linda Randazzo
As we began the month of March, the committee held a meeting to discuss and assess what needs to be done in the upcoming Spring-Summer-Fall seasons.  Some of the activities will include:
  • Spring survey of all trees and shrubbery, late March/early April, to note any winter damage, dead bushes, and declining shrubbery.
  • The landscape vendor will be on site for Spring cleanup again in late March/early April.
  • Mowing will begin in mid-April.
  • The irrigation system will be opened at the beginning of May, with the repair of the junction box by the clubhouse done at that time.
Of special note, this team is still investigating options for a final solution to the water problem at 724C. We’ll get there!
Every homeowner and resident of Arbor Grove needs to be familiar with our Community Policies, especially regarding landscaping.  If you haven’t read them in a while, just click here: Community Guidelines and Amenities, and make whatever effort you can to help keep our greenspace looking great!
We all live in this community, so we all have a responsibility to help keep it up.
Please remember, if you have a landscape issue, please fill out a landscape request form to make your issue known to the committee.  Not only does this help us address your concerns, but it also creates a historical notation for future reference. Landscape Committee Request Form
Wishing all a Sunny Spring Season and Blue Skies ahead!
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