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Rules Committee - Keeping Arbor Grove up with the times
Posted on January 30, 2023 6:00 AM by Mark Argyelan and Jean Henley
Let’s start this month’s Monthly Matters with a little humor…..
When an attorney gets married, they don’t say “I do” – They say, “I accept the terms & conditions.”
While funny, the same can be said for anyone purchasing their home in any PUD or Condominium Association.  Yes, when you signed on the dotted line at closing, you agreed to the terms & conditions of the Association.
While the general by-laws, declaration of covenants, and guidelines were set at the time Arbor Grove was originally established, the first-ever Board of Directors established the Arbor Grove Rules Committee.
The purpose of the committee is to periodically review the declarations, covenants, guidelines, etc. The Rules Committee then makes recommendations to the Board and ensures they are kept up-to-date, all for the end result of assuring residents our community will remain attractive, well-maintained, having continuity in appearance, and continue as a harmonious place to live.
Only the Board has the authority to accept or reject committee recommendations for “guidelines.” Any change to “covenants” and/or “bylaws” must receive approval from 67% of Arbor Grove homeowners (referred to as “the membership”). Of course, Illinois State law can also affect the need for changes.  Please know, all changes are sent to our attorney to ensure we are in full compliance with the law.
Nine Arbor Grove homeowners serve on the Rules Committee.  They all take this responsibility seriously and have spent countless hours reviewing documents and discussing potential recommendations for change.  Your neighbors who serve are:
  Mark Argyelan and Jean Henley, Co-chairs
  Marlo Beeman
  Karen Denoyer
  Marlene Ganci
  Debbie Helgeson
  Donna Miller
  Lois Ware
When you run into any of these fine people, please be sure to extend a “thank you” their way.
All the documents relating to rules, regulations, by-laws, covenants, etc., are available on this website under the “Documents” tab.
While all the information in these documents is essential, the committee recommends you pay particular attention to the following:
  Article VIII – Meetings and finance
  Article XI    - Resale of units 
  Article XV   - Insurance
And all three pages of the “Community Guidelines” and “Use of Amenities.”
Finally, the rules committee was not put in place to police violations but to recommend sensible suggestions to make our Arbor Grove community the most enjoyable place to live in the county. Anyone with a suggestion for change, don’t hesitate to reach out to any committee member.
This article began with a little humor to bring a smile upon your face.  
In closing, our current By-laws and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Easements, and Restrictions, last updated in 2022, are good for the next 39 years.  Yes, 39 years!  In the meantime, who knows what might change. If anything does change, the Rules Committee and Board will be sure you are aware. 
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