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Why do we have Association Dues?
Posted on December 26, 2022 6:00 AM by Steve Husak
There are Association Dues? Why?
For a good portion of our neighbors, moving to Arbor Grove was their very first experience being a member of a PUD (Planned Unit Development) and the first time they belonged to a "Homeowners' Association.
There are lots of other reasons people pay monthly dues. Maybe you belong to a Health Club, a Social Club, Country Club, or Political Association. Well, being a member of Arbor Grove requires everyone to pay dues. This isn't a choice – it's a necessity – and well worth the investment! 
The monthly dues (assessments) we make every month are held in an account. By participating in our community Board elections, you have given Arbor Grove Board of Directors the funds to utilize for various reasons – all of which enhance your way of life and help maintain the value of your home. In addition, you have given our elected Board of Directors the following responsibilities:
 a.     Own and manage for recreational use a clubhouse, certain areas of green space, and other related property, including all Common Areas, Common Facilities, and areas of common responsibility. Think lawn care and landscaping, snow removal, clubhouse and pool maintenance, drainage and pond, and maintenance of every one of our ninety-two units.
b.     Collect periodic homeowners' association assessments. Think monthly dues and, if ever needed, a special assessment.
c.      Pay expenses in connection with the Association Property. They are responsible for a nine-acre footprint of property and buildings.
d.     Maintain insurance on such Association Property. We, unfortunately, now know just how crucial good coverage of the association and our neighbors is.
e.     Enforce the terms of the Declaration filed in the Kankakee County Recorder's Office and any reasonable rules and regulations adopted by the Board. This area occasionally requires attorney fees to ensure we are well within State and Federal Laws.
 f.     Perform other and further acts that are necessary and appropriate to accomplish the foregoing purposes.
Having the above responsibilities, the Board of Directors sets the monthly dues (assessment) amount based on an adopted budget approved at the annual meeting.  To see how the Board allocates your dues, please see this year's and previous years' budgets in the Finance Committee or Documents sections on the Arbor Grove website.
Beginning January 1, 2023, our dues will increase to $250 monthly. Considering the amenities we enjoy, the excellent maintenance of our facilities and landscapes, and the necessity to grow reserves for the future, this dues increase is extremely competitive, necessary, and reasonable.  
Sure hope you agree how fortunate we are here at Arbor Grove to have Our board members and incredible host of volunteers devoting their time and talent to assure the management of our community, without whom our dues would undoubtedly be considerably higher.  
For more information, please see Article ll, pages 40 and following, "Declarations, Covenants, and Bylaws.
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