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Emergency Contact information
Posted on January 29, 2024 6:00 AM by Rosemary Wieliczko
Who to call in case of an Emergency at Your Residence
Arbor Grove is a great place to live; we care about and for each other; however, there have been a few incidents over the past two years in which things would have been much easier had we known whom to contact in an emergency. So, as the song goes, “There is a season for everything,” Now is the season for our community to gather much-needed Emergency Contact information for all residents willing to share.  
Who should have an Emergency Contact?
Everyone in Arbor Grove. Those who live alone are the obvious answer. However, it is also crucial for residents who leave for any period. Along with having a Knox Box, knowing who should be contacted if you are not available can save valuable time in an emergency. 
Where will my Emergency Contact Information (EC) be kept, and who can see it?
Your EC will be kept in your profile on the Arbor Grove website.  That way, you can update it anytime your life situation changes.  Other residents will not see your information. ONLY Board members will be able to view your EC information. 
Who should my Emergency Contact be?
Family, friends, neighbors, roommates, and coworkers are great choices for emergency contacts, but it's important to consider who might be the most useful when faced with real emergencies. Ideally, your emergency contact should know your essential health information and where to find your legal documents. This information includes your medical history, current medical conditions, medications, and previous surgeries or hospitalizations.
How do I enter my information?
Just click on this link to access Your Profile. You will need to log on using your username and password. Your current profile has blank fields for Emergency Contact name and phone number. Remember the format for phone numbers is ten digits and must include the dashes (000-000-0000).   You will see a box in which you can provide additional information, including a second emergency contact if you’d like. Please remember to include their phone number.
You can also enter your information by logging on to the website, selecting “Your Profile” in the upper right-hand corner, and then selecting “Update Profile.”
REMEMBER TO HIT SAVE at the bottom of the page.
How can I change the information once I’ve entered it?
You can change your EC information anytime by going to your Profile at the top right of the website and selecting Update Profile from the list of options.
Are you having any difficulties? Please don’t hesitate to contact Rosemary Wieliczko at for help or to ask questions.
Please take time to complete this vital information.
Comment By: Alice Argyelan
Posted on January 29, 2024 9:46 AM
This is fabulous. Thank you Rosemary Wieliczko for all your efforts!