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What’s Mine & What’s Association’s?
Posted on November 27, 2023 6:00 AM by Alice Argyelan
Wow, Arbor Grove Monthly Matters is officially one year old this month. What’s Mine & What’s Association’s?  Windows, doors, Use of Amenities

There are Covenants, By-Laws, Association Rules, and Guidelines.  These topics are broad and all-encompassing, yet key to living a good life in Arbor Grove.  The fact that we have a waiting list for folks who want to make Arbor Grove their home is a testament to our neighbors, committees, and board leadership.

Previous Monthly Matters honed in on several topics written by our neighbor authors who prepared articles on Insurance, Rules, and Duties of Homeowners, an entire year’s worth of great topics. We especially love seeing our committees and their good works get highlighted with a tremendous sense of gratitude.

This month, we’ll look at What’s Mine? What’s the Associations? And Use of Amenities.

Generally speaking, everyone is knowledgeable and comfortable with the fact that Arbor Grove owns the exterior of our homes and the surrounding grounds, including the clubhouse.

That being said, many do not realize our windows, front doors, garage doors, furnaces, and AC compressors are the unit’s owner responsibility for maintaining and, if necessary, replacing. 

Because we all own the exteriors and grounds, utilizing these amenities in our common areas comes with a set of responsibilities for proper use.  The Use of Amenities policy approved several years ago (updated since), lays out how we can all share our grounds in a fair, safe, and friendly way.

The Use of Amenities is divided into three main categories:  Clubhouse, Pool, and Pond.

First, the Clubhouse (just recently repainted, yeah).  Our clubhouse is a fantastic amenity.  Not only are there Arbor-sponsored events open to all neighbors, but it is also available to rent for your exclusive use at a cost of $75. For non-exclusive use, maybe hanging out with a friend, and you don’t care who pops in and out, the clubhouse is open 24 hours a day (unless rented).  If rented, the exercise room will always be available by entering through the side door so as not to disrupt someone’s celebration. The Clubhouse is never available to rent on the 3rd Friday of each month.  This is our monthly Happy Hour.

Second is our beautiful Pond!  Whether or not you enjoy fishing, a stroll around the pond on a lovely day cannot be beaten!  The pond sidewalk is the only private sidewalk in our subdivision.  Because of this, an Arbor resident must accompany anyone who is walking around or fishing. As most avid fishermen know – our pond is a catch-and-release pond – except that is for the egrets who enjoy their time there. 

Third and last, but not least, is our pool.  Folks wait with bated breath every spring for the pool’s opening date.  We are at the mercy of the schedule of the professionals who open the pool every spring.  Once open, a team of volunteers, led by Gary Goselin and Barry Gadbois, come to the pool twice daily to check chemical levels and ensure a clean and safe environment for our residents.  Residents assume the responsibility of overseeing their guests (maximum of 4) and cleaning their table and surrounding area before they exit the pool area.  

Because the Illinois State Department of Health governs our pool and is a swim-at-your-own-risk pool, there is a large section of the Use of Amenities dedicated to pool rules and resident responsibilities.  Everyone is encouraged to read the Use of Amenities every year before swim season! (Click here to read). 

There are many committees and volunteers who work together in teams to ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle here in Arbor Grove.  Taking care to know our responsibilities and the homeowner association’s responsibilities makes for a great day, which begins on Arbor Way.

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